Northpark is located just north of Irvine Boulevard, between Portola Parkway and Culver Drive. This area is a major planned development that provides all the amenities of a high-end suburb without the accompanying price tag. Northpark is home to a whopping 1620 dwellings. Within the boundaries of the master association are 858 single-family houses. Seven hundred and sixty-two condominiums and townhouses, both attached and detached, are spread over six separate associations.

Northpark Residents aren’t hemmed in when it comes to expression of personal taste. Over six distinct architectural styles are represented, with the most common ones being French, Italian, and Spanish. Pricing begins at less than $500,000 and goes up from there.

Once you pass the monitored security gate, you’ll start to see the many conveniences that are available to you. Parks, recreation areas, and green spaces can be found among the many swimming pools, clubhouse, spa, barbecues, and kid-friendly amenities.

Because it’s located in Irvine, CA, the Northpark Community is served by the well regarded Irvine Unified School District. Hicks Canyon Elementary School, Orchard Hill Middle School, and Beckman High School are the closest public schools. The Northpark Elementary School is located within the Northpark Community, making it convenient for parents to either stroll with their children or send them alone.

It’s a great place to raise a family because Northpark is a very safe and quiet area. As a result of the area’s many parks and recreational facilities, families with children of varying ages have several options for where to take them for outdoor enjoyment. The neighborhood is ideal for young families because Hicks Canyon Elementary School is situated in the heart of the community. Northpark is fantastic for both families and singles or young couples starting out. People living there don’t have to worry about their safety or the rest of the world, and they can simply unwind and recharge after a long week.

You can find some houses listed for under $500,000, but the median property price in Northpark is $779,000, or $464 per square foot. On average, a Northpark apartment costs $3,100 per month to rent. On average, a home in the Northpark area will stay on the market for 81 days before selling for a price fairly close to the original asking price.

Due to Northpark’s proximity to Los Angeles and its status as one of Orange County’s safest communities, real estate there is in high demand. There have been many new residents in the Northpark neighborhood since it was first built in the year 2000. There has been a consistent appreciation in the value of homes with one to three bedrooms over the previous five years. Over the past five years, rents have increased on average as well.

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