Stonesate East

The elements that improve or detract from one’s quality of life are often personal and contextual. Homebuyers can choose between living in a bustling city with enough to do within walking distance, or in a calm, peaceful suburb close to parks and other natural areas. Some people find it intolerable to rely on a car for their daily lives, while for others, being able to get to their weekend hangout in a fair amount of time is a dream come true.

Stonegate East was initiated to assist extend the neighborhoods as a result of the high demand for housing. Capistrano, Santa Rosa, and Los Altos are the three distinct neighborhoods included in Stonegate East. The amenities included in your home are subject to the rules of your specific neighborhood.

Townhouses and apartments with two bedrooms are plentiful in Santa Rose. These suites are designed to provide the utmost in comfort and elegance. Meanwhile, townhomes in Los Altos come with anywhere from two to three bedrooms. Capistrano units are townhouses with three and four bedrooms.

Regardless of the unit type you select, you can expect nothing but the best. Conveniently located, the rooms are adaptable and tastefully appointed. Large kitchens are convenient for hosting gatherings and making elaborate meals. All of the features, such built-in desks, big windows, and simple controls, were chosen because they are clearly what the residents want. All units are between 1,000 and 1,959 square feet in size, with the lowest starting at slightly over 1,000 square feet. All of those storage lockers and locker rooms add up to a lot of square footage.

The population of the region has increased since 2010. Stonegate East is conveniently located near many different businesses and job opportunities. Major selling points have been the neighborhood feel, the excellent schools, and the high-end construction. Stonegate students attend public schools in the Irvine Unified District. The three nearest schools are Stonegate Elementary School, Sierra Vista Middle School, and Northwood High School. There are a plethora of dining and retail establishments within a short drive of the neighborhood. You may almost certainly find your ideal dining establishment within a short drive of this neighborhood.

The Stonegate neighborhood of Irvine, California, is home to a number of parks and playgrounds, including Village Park, Cypress Village Community Park, and Cypress Community Park. Kids and adults alike can enjoy these playgrounds for their leisure needs. On a hot summer day, families can have a picnic in the shade or go for a hike along the trail.

If both parents work full-time, it’s crucial that they live close to quality child care facilities. Stonegate, Irvine is home to a number of excellent daycare facilities, including Deerfield School Age, Great Foundations Montessori – Northwood, Rainbow Rising College Park, and Toddler Town, all of which are ideal for young families. Being close to Hoag Urgent Care Irvine, Hoag Urgent Care &Family Medicine, and Hoag Memorial Hospital Irvine is a huge bonus for anyone in need of immediate medical attention.

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