Turtle Ridge

Located in the southwest section of Irvine, Orange County, California, Turtle Ridge is a beautiful community. Turtle Ridge is a family-friendly area with wonderful schools and a variety of neighboring eateries, coffee shops, and parks, and it is known for its gorgeous, upscale mansions and mellow, scenic ambience. The area of Turtle Rock to the north, Shady Canyon to the north and east, and California State Route 73 to the south form the boundaries of Turtle Ridge.

As one of Irvine’s smaller communities, Turtle Ridge has a population of fewer than 5,000. Crystal Cove State Park, the Balboa Pier, Pretend City Children’s Museum, and Orange County Great Park are all within driving distance, and the area is primarily residential.

Culturally, Turtle Ridge is known for its serenity and sophistication. Over seventy percent of the area’s residents are parents caring for minor children. Turtle Ridge has 27% more people per square mile than Irvine, although the homes here are much larger. Suburban areas like Turtle Ridge tend to have a quieter vibe, and this is mirrored in the local culture. The political beliefs of most citizens are quite centrist. About twice as many are Caucasian as are renters, and most of those who do own their own homes are also homeowners.

Despite its rocky terrain, Turtle Ridge’s proximity to CA-73 makes it a convenient place to live for those who need to get to work quickly. Within a brisk ten-minute drive north of the area lies Interstate 405, another major route. Travel time to and from Los Angeles is around one hour.

Several top-tier elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions are within easy commuting distance to Turtle Ridge. The University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine), a prestigious university within a short drive to the north-northwest of the neighborhood, stands out among these institutions.

Many of the public and private schools serving Turtle Ridge scored as high as an A or B. Public schools in the Turtle Ridge area and the surrounding communities have a stellar reputation for the quality of their teaching staff, the size of their class sizes, and the caliber of their facilities. Vista Verde Elementary School, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, and University High School are some of the best schools in the area for students living in Turtle Ridge.

Due to its attractiveness as a place to raise a family, the real estate market in Turtle Ridge, which includes a variety of houses, townhouses, and condominiums, is experiencing a period of sustained activity. The median price of a home in this community is $1,354,600, with values ranging from $550,000 to $5,480,000 on lots as large as 18.5 acres.

The housing market in Turtle Ridge, along with the rest of Irvine, is seeing strong upward momentum. Most of the homes on the market nowadays are expensive mansions with asking prices of $1 million or more. Generally speaking, the farther up on Turtle Ridge you go, the more pricey the homes are.

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