Woodbury East

The Woodbury East neighborhood in Irvine, CA is a brand new addition to the city’s residential options. Woodbury East is a community that began developing in 2008, and its primary building phase ended in 2011. Irvine, California is a city recognized for its great education district, low crime rate, and general good quality of life. Woodbury East, a relatively new neighborhood in Irvine, has helped build the city’s positive image by providing a home to welcoming, hardworking people.

Woodbury East is dominated by high-end apartments and condominiums as well as stylish residential complexes of varying sizes. Similar to its neighbor Woodbury to the west, Woodbury East boasts stunning architecture, lovely outdoor areas, and housing options for families, couples, and singles. Woodbury East is situated in a prime central eastern position in Irvine, close to many of the best that Orange County has to offer.

Overall, Irvine, California is home to people of many different ethnicities and cultures. People from diverse walks of life call Woodbury East home, but they are united by a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and success. People living in Woodbridge East make frequent use of the area’s many cultural, commercial, and recreational opportunities. Woodbury, which is less than five minutes away, is where residents of Woodbury East may easily access a wide variety of shops, retailers, and other shopping alternatives.

While on the other hand, Woodbury East’s eastern border with Orange County Great Park offers inhabitants some of the best outdoor vistas and activities in Orange County. Woodbridge East has a median age of 40 and a high percentage of college graduates (70%). Woodbury East is a quaint little village, and as such, the people who live there are close-knit and friendly.

Commute times are reduced in Woodbury East. For its eastern border, Woodbury East relies on the Eastern Transportation Corridor. With this major toll road so close by, getting around Orange County is a breeze. Connecting the Eastern Transportation Corridor with the Foothill Transportation Corridor takes only four minutes north of Woodbury East.

Woodbury East’s central location in Irvine, California’s East Side, makes it convenient for residents to quickly go to any part of the city. Thanks to its proximity to the San Diego Freeway, Woodbury East is just 11.5 miles from John Wayne Airport, one of the most passenger-friendly airports in the United States.

The Irvine community of Woodbury East provides its youngest citizens with access to the best public schools in all of California. Woodbury East residents have easy access to the best in contemporary education thanks to the district’s proximity to both public and private institutions. Campuses in the area around Woodbury East promise to provide students with the in-depth education and practical skills they’ll need to build a successful and fulfilling life.

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